Clay Camp 2019

May 16th – 20th, 2019 | Camp Huston, Gold Bar, WA

Download our Teacher Class Proposal Form for Clay Camp 2019

The Northwest Polymer Clay Guild holds Clay Camp every year in May at Camp Huston, right next to the beautiful Wallace Falls State Park in Gold Bar, Washington.

Clay Camp registrants enjoy the 24-hour workroom, comfortable bedrooms in cabins, delicious meals prepared by Camp Huston’s staff, beautiful trails to stretch your legs, and the opportunity to sign up for a variety of inspiring classes taught by experienced polymer clay instructors!

Everything You Need to Know About Clay Camp
by Kim Day

Our favorite time of the year! Nah, I don’t care about the weather, I mean Clay Camp! To prepare for the big event, here’s a little guide about what to expect.

Registration & Camp Activities

Registration: Your registration automatically reserves your spot but if you want to attend classes – and we have many exciting offerings each year – you need to sign up to each class separately. Please note that classes are for additional fees. You can pay all fees online or at the venue. Clay Camp Registration typically opens in early March.

Length: You can choose how long you want to attend – the whole weekend, one day or even half day if you live nearby.

Claying: The best part of Clay Camp is the 24-hour workroom. Several ovens are available so you can cure your finished creations. When you are inspired to create, looking for inspiration or just want to socialize, this is the room to hang out in, it is always full of clayers to talk with and learn from.

Bottles of Hope Challenge: We decorate small medicine glass bottles (provided) and donate them to cancer patients at a local treatment center. These are always amazing! We all vote on our favorites in each category and the winners get an extra special handmade ribbon… mmm… glittery. The voting and awards are held on Saturday, our busiest day. You may donate as many additional covered bottles as you wish, but for voting purposes, only one is entered into the challenge.

Swap: A few years running now, this activity has covered subjects from charms to inchies. This year’s swap theme is: BLUE
You can make anything you like to swap, your only requirement it that your items are somehow related to ‘blue”. For our swap rules, the items may be multimedia but must include at least some element of polymer clay.

Non-raffle Raffle: You may donate any item to this Guild fundraiser. Donated items will be displayed with a cup in front of each. Tickets are sold for $1 and you place your ticket(s) in the cup corresponding to the item you want to win. All proceeds go to the Guild scholarship fund. Members who have been with the Guild for a minimum of one year may apply for Clay Camp scholarship to help offset the cost by half. This helps members, who will normally not attend because of financial concerns, make it to Clay Camp.

We typically see donations in the form of lovely handmade clay creations, crocheted items, clay books, clay supplies and other craft supplies. It is also a fun show to watch! This happens on… you guessed it, Saturday!

Brown Bag Gift Exchange: This is not a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange; bring something that you would want to receive, with a value of about $30. (Some popular ideas are clay-related items and chocolate!)
Each participant brings a gift in an unmarked brown paper bag and adds it to the gift pile on Saturday evening after dinner. Everyone randomly draws a number. They select gifts in that order — with a twist… The person assigned with #1 picks out a gift and opens it so all can see what it is. Then the person assigned with #2 gets the choice of ‘stealing” #1’s unwrapped gift or choosing a wrapped one from the pile. If #2 steals #1’s gift, then #1 must choose and open another wrapped gift.
NOTE: Gifts can only be stolen once!
As subsequent players take their turns, they either select a new gift or take an already opened gift from any of the other players that has not been stolen before. Any player who has a gift ‘stolen’ either choose a new gift or take an already-opened gift from another player. Continue until everyone has had a turn for a gift. After the last turn, the person who started (since she/he didn’t get a chance at the beginning) can put back the gift and “steal” a gift according to the rules.

Scholarships: If you’re a member of the Guild and finances are tight, please consider applying for scholarship that will cover 50% of costs (classes not included).
The scholarship form is available in our Yahoo Group or you can download it here . 
We would love to see you at Clay Camp!

Food: The food is absolutely wonderful! The cooks are very accommodating with special dietary needs like gluten free or vegan, just let them know about any special requirements when you sign up. There is also a wonderful salad bar to accompany each meal or to replace it, should you choose. Plus, no cooking preparation or dishes to wash, glorious!

Snack Table: We usually have one table in the work area overflowing with snacks people brought to share. Anything that doesn’t require refrigeration is welcome. I bring toffee each year, I think I’m required to now!

Rooms: The rooms are small and dorm-like with a table, chair, two beds, towel rack by the door and a place to hang your clothes. Bring your own towels and blankets or sleeping bag. Rooms are shared but there is a separate cabin for late nighters vs early risers to help each person get the sleep they need to fuel creativity.

Logistics & Other Attractions

Free Table: There is one table where you can leave things that you no longer need or want but may be useful to others that you want to give away for free. Think of old beads you’ve never used, a new supply you have extra of – there are no limits here but please remember to take home any of your unclaimed items.

Local Craft Store: There is a Ben Franklins about 20 minute drive from our Clay Camp venue. With all the ideas flowing around, people usually think of something they can’t live without for a few days. It is always fund to join one of the spontaneous group trips to this fun craft store and browse their sale rack.